Friday, May 13, 2016

Problem in this country and society

We have a problem that is not just in this country but in society as a whole. The problem comes from every individual regardless of your race, sex or sexuality. That problem is that we can not accept responsibility for our own inactions. That is far easier to blame someone else for the problems that we go through in life that own up that we are the problem. Let me explain myself.
Everyone has problems, everyone has issues, and everyone likes to blame. I sit here day after day listening to people say we have no jobs in this country, that is because of the Mexicans. I didn't get hired for this job, that employer must be racist. I can't worship the way I want, that is because of the gays. I can't carry guns anywhere I want, that is because of the liberals and Obama. The planet is being destroyed, that is because of my parents. I get harassed when I walk to the store, that is because I am black.
Let me explain something to you there is a problem in this country and that is we like to play these little cards. We like to play the race card, or the sex card, or the sexuality card when in truth is the problem is with us. It is not anyone's fault but your own.  Now I will give you that there are some instances where that can be said but not as much as everyone seems to do it.
In the United States when we used to be pissed about something we would get out and protest. We would make our voices heard. We would get out in the streets. Damn the wars, damn the injustice, make a change, make a difference. Now we would rather complain than get off our couches.

There is no jobs because of the Mexicans. When was the last time you looked for a job? A month ago? Two months? A year? Funny how there is no jobs but there are people out there that are holding down two or three jobs. How did they get hired if there are no jobs?

I didn't get the job because that dude is racist? Did you think you might not be qualified or that someone is better qualified than you? Did you think of how you were dressed? Did you think of how you talked? Did you answer the questions like you have an intelligence or did you uh huh your way through the interview?

I can't worship the way I want because of the gays? Do you have or work for a business that is open to the public? Does your beliefs deny someone access to something that you would grant to someone else?

I can't carry guns anywhere I want, that is because of Obama and liberals? Do you feel afraid that you will be attacked everywhere you go? Do you think it is not safe anywhere that you can't go to a grocery store. your kid's school without people jumping out of the bushes? Do you feel that gun has to be locked and loaded really to kill people at a moment's notice?

This planet is being destroyed and it is our parent's fault. Do you buy products that are contained in plastic? Do you use plastic grocery bags? Do you buy products that have lots of chemicals? Do you turn off a light in the house when you exit the room?

I get harassed when I walk to the store because I am black? Do you vote for politicians that will make laws so you won't be harassed? Do you talk to your Congressman? Do you report people that harass you?

The point that I am making is that we can change things in this country to make it better for everyone but instead we like to play the blame game. If you sitting around complaining about a problem but never try to fix the problem then you don't have the right to complain. If you don't put forth a action then your not going to get a reaction. Get out of the house, off your phones, Go vote, protest, show people that you want stuff to be different. Don't just sit around waiting for the few to do the job for you. You won't get anywhere. If something that you think is an injustice that has happened to you ask yourself what it was about yourself first that caused that to happen. We learn it in school. Who, what, when, where, how, and why. Ask yourself those questions before you lay the blame on others people's feet. This country is the land of opportunity where you work hard and you will get what you want not the land of give me stuff because I think I deserve it.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

The Reasons I Will Not Be Voting For Hillary Clinton

Ok, let me start off with a secret. Everyone likes secrets. In the 40 years that I have been alive, I have never voted. Not even once. I alway got occupied with other things to have the time to vote, but with this election cycle I have no excuse or do I? I am already registered and have actually voted in my first primary in the wonderful state of Missouri. So I guessing you are reading the title and you are thinking to yourself that I am a Republican. Well if that is the case you would be wrong. I am a very liberal, progressive Democrat. So now you are thinking if he is a Democrat then why isn't he going to vote for Hillary Clinton?
Let me start off by saying this. I used to be what is called the uneducated masses. I used to be one of those people that would turn on the news and believe everything that was told to them. In my childhood I believed that Ronald Reagan was one of the greatest people that walked the face of the earth. I had a Republican father and a Republican mother and that was how I was raised. Until, I came out gay and discovered how much damage he did to the gay community during the AIDS crisis. 
Then I became a Democrat and became a very big fan of Bill and Hillary Clinton. I thought the two of them could do no wrong. Bill Clinton was doing wonderful things for the country and Hillary was one of those First Ladies who was not content with planting flowers and wanted a job position in order to make changes herself. I admired them and thought they were great. Then, this election started and Hillary decided that she wanted to become President. I was super excited. Totally Team Hillary. Then along came Black Lives Matter happened and then I had another what I call Reagan Moment which leads me to the title of this post. 

In the 1990s when President Bill Clinton was in charge. He signed a bill which was called the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act. The result of this bill caused the mass incarceration of minorities for not only violent crimes but also for low level drug offenses. It also required that offenders serve a certain amount of time in prison for certain offenses regardless if they were first time offenders. And offenders had to serve 85 percent of the time given regardless if they were well behaved or not. To make sure this happened privatized prisons were told that if they kept prisoners in jail then they would receive more money in order for more prisons to be built. The result of this is the United States having more prisons and more people incarcerated than anywhere in the world. 
Now what does this have to do with Hillary Clinton and why are you not voting for her? Well, the answer is simple, who do you think gets money from these privatized prisons? Yes, the Clintons. For this I can not vote for her. 

I am someone who understands that climate change is a threat and that as species we are destroying the planet faster than it can heal itself. So I am for clean renewable sources of energy. Things like solar and wind if my preferred means. Hillary Clinton is for fracking. Which is a process that puts chemicals into the ground to fracture rock in order for methane gas to be released and collected as a source of energy. Now though, methane gas is polluting our environment. Countless videos are shown on Youtube of people being able to light sinks on fire, water systems being polluted and gases escaping to the surface causing people and livestock to get sick and even causing death. These gases are being released into our atmosphere are also causing the earth's temperature to rise. 
At her time in the State Department, Hillary Clinton went to Middle Eastern countries and promoted fracking. She was a door to door salesman for the fracking industry. Even in her debates she has shown that she is for fracking that she wants more of it done regardless of the impact it has on people and the environment. For this I can not vote for her. 

Hillary Clinton likes to say that she is against guns and gun violence. She like to pretend that she is a crusader against guns while saying her opponents are the reason instances like Sandy Hook happened. Yet, in her time at the State Department she was all about selling guns to the people of Syria, who were in terrorist groups. Some even to ISIS. I feel sorry for the people at Sandy Hook but it is not reported how many children died and still dying by the guns she sold to the people of the Middle East. Where is her compassion for those children or do only American babies matter? When you are against guns you are against guns no matter where in the world. Just like other people in the world are concerned about the amount of gun violence in this country. For this reason I will not vote for her.

The financial collapse of 2008 was horrible. Do to the shady dealings of big banks the whole world's finances were at stake. Yet, in 2007 Hillary Clinton was giving speeches blaming the American homeowner for being unable to afford their homes do to high interest rates put there by the banks. There is video on Youtube showing her doing this. Also Hillary Clinton has done numerous speeches to people like Goldman-Sachs which she will not release the transcripts for. Transcripts that she knows is damaging to her campaign but are transcripts that the American people have a right to see. In this age of transparency, why does she get a hall pass? For this I will not vote for her

Hillary Clinton voted for the Iraq War. A war that caused the death of many American Soldiers and yes she has apologized for this. But why was it discovered in her emails that she called the war in Iraq a "business opportunity". I am guessing  this is probably for one of my earlier reason. I don't think the war in Iraq is a very good investment when you are paying for it with people's lives. Do the families and children get paid. I am sure they would rather have their mother or father than a pile of cash. For this I am not voting for her. 

When Hillary Clinton was in the State Department she was crucial in the people of Haiti only having a minimum wage of 61 cents an hour. That was only so corporations in the United States wouldn't have to pay more. Do you think that she is going to bring back American jobs when she helped corporations pay less?  Also while we are on the subject of pay. Hillary Clinton paid her female employees less than their male counterparts. This is someone who is all for female equal pay now. Sorry I can't believe it. For these two reason I am not voting for her. 
So I can sit here and go on and on. I can comment on things like her support of gay marriage, her emails, and other things she has done. These were in the top of my list. 

Monday, September 21, 2009

Time for Change

So I am sitting here listening to music from days past and something in me just turns and dwells.
For ten years of my life I have been what I call a slave to the system. Even though I am an outspoken person. Someone who usually speaks what is on his head. I have had to repress things in me that I wish I never had to. Parts that I consider to be a big part of who I am.
Today my orders were cut. Now for those of you who don't know what that means that means that I have served the Army for ten years. And after working hard to collecting every medically thing wrong with me. By putting my body through shear torture I have finally been able to get the stuff that I need to get the hell out.
Now the real questions on everyone's mind is what does that mean for me. Well for those of you who read this blog I am going to tell you some of it. Now I can't tell you all of it because the old me loved surprises. And let me tell you I have some wonderful surprises for everyone.
So let me start with the first thing that I am going to be working on. For one. I am overweight. Now I am not totally obese but I could do to lose about twenty to fifty pounds. Well before I joined the Army I weighted in at a nice 180 pounds. Which was a perfect and sexy weight for me. It put all the curves in the right places.
Well now that I will be getting out of the Army I will not be eating like I used to. For one reason when I get stressed or depressed then I tend to eat. Well all of my stress and depression is going away.
So lets say that I am going to be getting skinny soon and I am going to be getting skinny fast. My eating habits are going to be getting cut down to only what I need to keep my alive. One because I will not be hungry that much anymore.
The second thing that I am changing about myself is going to be my hair. Now for one let me tell you Mrs. Clarroll is coming out first thing. I am going to dye the damn gray out of my hair. It is time to go back to being young and beautiful. I am going to be starting with my natural hair color for starter until it gets longer. And yep my hair is going to go back to being long. Before I joined the Army my hair was shoulder length and it is going to be there again. Which means that the last time I shaved my head is going to be the last time that I cut my hair unless it is to trim it up some while it is growing.
The next thing has to happen is that I have to primp myself up. That means the nails are getting cleaned and done. The eyebrows are getting waxed and trim. And anything else I can find to get waxed then I am waxing that to. I only hope the lady likes me because there is going to be alot of waxing.
The next thing I want to do is to get some friends. And I am not talking about straight friends either. I have sat and listened to that conversation for way to long. The only talking of pussy that I want to hear about is when it comes from the mouth of a lesbian. I want my little gay click of we love Dave fan club back.
Now before I joined the military I was all about expressing myself. And I want to be able to express myself again. I want to be able to express myself through my clothes. Through music. I want to be back to the person who when people look at me then they know exactly what I am feeling. I don't want to sit back and have people ask me how are you feeling. I want them to look at me and know.
Next thing I want to change is my relationship. I no longer want to hide in the closet with Rob. I want everyone to know that he is my bo and that there is going to be no one else for me. If I go somewhere and I want to reach over and pop a kiss on him then I will and they look at me and be like damn I guess those two are taken.
I have been repressed for way to long. It is time for the old David to get back onto the scene and when I do I am going to hit it strong. Kansas City, Missouri will know who the hell I am and they are going to worship the ground I walk on or the bitches can leave LOL

Now the only thing that scares me about all of this is Rob going to be handle all of the changes. I am no longer going to be the innocent little school girl he has come to know and love. I used to scare people left and right when it came to relationships before because they just did not know how to handle me.
But I have confidence that he will and if not then he will have his college so he can just dig his head in his books and ignore me. Or he can play WOW and ignore me. After two years of dealing with my craziness just around the apartment he should have that part down when it comes dealing with me. LOVE YA BABE

So what other things can I tell you about to look out for. Well let me see and think more in the past. Well I used to someone who believed in making love whenever the mood took you. Didn't matter that you were in middle of the mall. There is always a dark corner somewhere. And no I don't plan on doing that. I know Rob can't handle that LOL.

But the biggest things right now though that I miss the days of being sexy. When I had a look that my man could be proud of and I was someone that everyone wanted. I like to be a trophy for my guy and I like to represent myself as such. I want to be someone that he can be proud of.

Rob made a comment the other day that the world is going to be at my feet. That is so something not to say to me because a part of me already knows this and he just confirms it all for me. I just hope the world is ready for what they have been missing

Peace out Reader